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anyone out there? started this conversation

hi my name is Tom Delaney and im 28 yrs old and i have a wife joanna whos 30 and 2 daughters abigail 3 and jordan 5 and last night our only car broke down on the way home. the clutch went out and i tried to leave this morning to look for work and it will barely move. im unemployed and my unemployment ran out 2 weeks ago and its so hard to find work here in kenosha wisconsin. so now its even harder with no car. were stuck here and were so scared were going to lose everything. the only income we have is my wifes ssi check and that just pays our rent thank god for that. bur our electric is $992 and will be disconnected on april 15th and our phones and internet will be also very soon. So if theres anyone that can help please do so. even anything at all will help please. i know im a failure and i let my family down i cant even look my wife in her eyes. ive always been there rock and threshold. now im begging for help on a website. its just that i have nowhere else to turn and we have very little family here and not many friends and noone to help us. i feel like theres no wasy out of this exept for me to get to work but i cant without a car.  we have a 94 escort that needs a clutch if anyone will trade for a running vehicle? it has low miles only 78k.   please if theres anyone out there that can help us please call text or email us please. this is so real it isnt a scam for money or donations. if u call me u will see this. i also have pics of my family if u dont believe us. i know theres some crfiminals out there and heartless people that take money even though theyre not in any need at all. but this is so real. we have nowhere to turn.  please help      Tom, Joanna,Abby, and Jordan........please help us!!

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 in response to AliceNwonderland...   That is nice of you. you can just make a post on this page or send her a priivate message...
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I can give you $15 Canadian funds!  I'm closing my PayPal account and need to empty it out. PayPal wont allow me to transfer the $15 to my bank account because it doesn't meet the min. requirement. I don't want them to keep it, heck no! How do I contact you? Do you have a Paypal account?

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There are people out here, but have you noticed that the people on Aidpage needing money heavily outnumber those able to offer a significant amount?

This may offer you some help AFTER you get a working car or are able to find someone to drive you far enough:

I've been disabled and unable to work too long to offer much more help.

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